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Knowing what to expect from your first visit to a dentist office is an important part of making a patient's experience all the more enjoyable.  Prior to your arrival, our friendly staff is available to answer any questions that you may have.  If you have any dental insurance benefits that you would like to use, the staff can help you communicate with your insurance company to determine what your plan benefits are.  As is the case with all insurance companies of late, they do not guarantee that the information given to us is accurate, or that they will pay the benefits that we expect.  In the current economy, all companies state the disclaimer that they will determine the actual benefit once a claim and treatment is complete.  This is not good news for patients, however, we can do the best we can with estimates.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a friendly staff member who will lead you to our dental hygiene department.  Once there, you will both discuss in confidentiality your medical and dental history and any special concerns, information or expectations that we should be aware of.  Ample time is allotted for each appointment to insure that all of your questions and concerns are discussed.  Your new patient experience will last approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.  Please allot the necessary time for your appointment.  We will accomplish the following during this visit:

  • Intra-oral digital camera tour of your mouth.  This will give you a first-hand view of the condition of your gums, teeth and fillings via computer.  We will also take a picture of your smile so you can see how other people see you.  These images will be stored for future evaluation, analysis, and comparison. You are allowed to take a copy of any image to share with your family members or friends.
  • Oral cancer exam.  Extra-oral and intra-oral exam to rule out any potential pathology.
  • TMJ and Masticatory muscle palpation.
  • Occlusion/Bite classification and analysis.
  • Periodontal examination: exact measurement to within a half to a full millimeter of periodontal pocketing and recession. Evaluation of gingival tissue tone, texture and color, furcation involvement, attached gingivae and fremitus. All is charted in the computer. If you have a diagnosis of periodontal disease you will be informed of such at this time.
  • Hard tissue exam: examination, charting and analysis of existing fillings and any new decay. These too will be charted in the computer and you will be given a copy of our findings.

For your convenience, all health history, HIPPA and financial forms are available on this page and can be downloaded to save you time during your initial visit.  Now you are all set for your first visit with us!

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